At the beginning he wanted to experience the feeling of being a DJ. But he couldn’t stop at that level. He made a passion for electronic music and worked continuously for developing his skills, buying records and getting a unique style. Step by step he succeeded to reach high level skills and obtained his first bookings at some of the most famous clubs in Barcelona.

We can define his style as a mix between several kinds of music, Techno, House, Deep and Tech house. He introduced his own “salsa” using a set up that allows him to create particular vibes and keep control in all aspects of the mix.

In June 2010 took place the first and successful party of WILDLIVE (party label which has been created by Albert Rodriguez and colleagues). In that moment the label has received the essential boost to move on and started to organize parties with real cachet not only because of its artists but also for its music. The talented young artist is involved with dedication in several projects working hard to make himself popular on the scene of electronic music. Albert had the chance to work together with Marko Nastic at Sonar WILDLIVE After Party, Get Physical, Supernature and Blabla Showcase, occasions that lead to the development of a great professional relationship and a big friendship.

Furthermore Albert was invited to play at the most important electronic music festival in Serbia, EXIST FEST and was after a great success booked to play in other clubs of the country like Tiger Cafe in Belgrade or Compressor Club in Novi Sad.

In Barcelona Albert has been on the stages of the most popular clubs such as Florida135, ElRow, Atlantida Sitges, Macarena, Boulevard, Becool, City Hall, Moog etc. The artists that have influenced Albert the most in his work are Marko Nastic, Valentino Kanzyani, Ricardo Villalobos and Marco Carola.