Born and still based in the city of Bacau in Eastern Romania, Luca Madalin-Alexandru, to use his full name, has had a passion for electronic music from an early age. By the time he was 15, this passion had transformed itself into his first attempts at making music, a skill he quickly mastered. As support for his productions grew, DJing was the logical next step. It quickly turned into something Luca loved just as much as making music.

As well as playing all over Romania, the last two years have seen Luca make his mark on the international club scene with gigs all over the world like Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Germany, Spain, UK, Hungary, Austria and Moldova with more international dates already in the pipeline for 2015.

Luca acquired his production skills through patience and determination starting with the most basic of equipment. At times it was a steep learning curve, but as his confidence and technique grew, he began to forge his own distinctive style. Beginning in 2008 with releases on local Romanian labels such as Sintope Digital, and Italian labels like Italo Business and 303Lovers, it wasn’t long before more established imprints began requesting tracks. Significant releases include ‘Grumpli’ on Starlight Unlimited, ‘Pufarine’ on Area Remote, ‘Habarnam’ on Cr2, ‘Alinare’ on Steve Lawler’s VIVa MUSiC, ‘Peak Week’ in collaboration with JUST2 on Kittball, ‘Sweet Love’ on Chus&Ceballos’s Stereo Productions, “Marionette” on Area Remote and the ‘Principe’ EP on Carlo Lio’s Rawthentic Music. He also signed tracks with known labels like Deeperfect, Intacto, Witty Tunes, Suara, Toolroom and others.

In fact, Luca’s output has been nothing short of prolific with tracks and remixes across a wide selection of labels. He has also found time to launch his own label, Get Funky Music, in 2011 which he runs jointly with regular studio partners JUST2. They managed to sign tracks from artists like David Herrero, Hollen, Tube & Berger, Tony Dee, Redondo and many others. Impressive work from an artist still in his early 20s.

So what exactly gives a Luca M track its special quality? It’s a dynamic combination of energy and groove underpinned by a funk-fuelled bassline. This is tech house in the true sense, and the secret behind his popularity with other DJs and clubbers from dedicated house heads through to techno connoisseurs.