Born in France, DJ LUXURY has nowadays become on one of the most popular artists in Spain, where she settled down in 2002: her mix is a rhythmic cocktail of vitality, technology, and natural elegance. Music-addict since her first steps, she is currently the new face of the House-music : thanks to a hard and continuous work transcending her fair musical intuitions, she has edited a collection of very different tracks that makes her fit to the last trends, while innovating permanently, not to be just commercial.

Gathering every day new admirers, she has acquired a true legitimacy on the electromusic stage and developed a real complicity with an always-increasing public, who approves immediatly her authenticity and her talent. All her actuations provoke the same comments : her fans but also those who are discovering her for the first time, agree that they have not only found what they wished, but that she made them share a new experience that amazed and seduced them. Therefore, she is not simply in the trend : she makes it.

Resident DJ of the famous Pacha-Club, in 2008, she is one of rare female DJ who could compete with the greatest DJ’s, having already mixed beside Bob Sinclar and David Guetta or in the most famous festivals (Superbus Concert – 2010, Electrobeach Festivals – 2011 – Circuit Matinée 2012) and on the most mythical spots (from Barcelona, to Miami, Lisbon and Zurich…), while remaining, however, simple and spontaneous.